Culture at the Boiling Point

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Published Contributors

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Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz

Milton Derr

Wayne Andersen

Hamid Dabashi

William B. Plowman

Anthony Shadid

Kathleen Hamill

Mohja Kahf

William Delman

Chris Janak

Don Share

Belén Fernández

Patrick Schneiter

Nathaniel Naddaff-Hafrey

Vasudha Pande

Rana Kazkaz

Lalla Essaydi

Mark Koyama

Karl Baden

Chris Janak

Peter d'Errico

Sean Lee

Tom Conditt

Imad Atalla

Mark Gonzales

Peter D. G. Moore

Nick Pappas

Jonathan Moller

Yana Payusova

Lynn Zovighian

Irene Narpier

Nisreen El-Hashemite

Naomi Shihab Nye

Owen Pepperel

Rachel Dayson

John Sheehan

Dennis Fox

Tim Driscoll



Today the hymn of the world is the radial whine of cars passing on the freeway. A headlong momentum pervades our social consciousness, blurring the appreciation of detail, effacing the desire to ruminate. There are no sidewalks on the highway.

Publio is a magazine that stops you in your tracks.

Culture used to be local. Today, it is in transformation. The definition of culture and identity has become elusive—today it is informed by an improbable cacophony of voices. Publio celebrates this rich bedlam.

Free of any specific political agenda or ideological bent, Publio addresses culture and identity in all facets of art, the marketplace, and belief systems. Publio’s mission is to plumb the creative wealth that springs from cultural identity in transformation. With precocious attitude and studied grace, Publio’s pages aim to provide a break from the rat race.


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